QueryStorm reviewed by FinancesOnline – it goes well!

A couple of weeks ago Querystorm was reviewed by FinancesOnline, one of the largest platforms for evaluating and reviewing B2B products.

We of course know QueryStorm is pretty awesome, but it’s always nice to hear those words uttered from someone else. And that’s basically what FinancesOnline said about QueryStorm’s features, in slightly more words.

More specifically, they gave us a User Satisfaction score of 100%, and named QueryStorm as a top 20 product under their Application Development Software category. That satisfaction rating comes from gathering comments, feedback, opinions and user reviews about QueryStorm to date. People using QueryStorm seem to be pretty happy with it, and we’re happy that they’re making good use of it.

On top of that, QueryStorm was awarded the Rising Star Award, which is given to new SaaS products that are growing in popularity, are getting some traction with the customers and are viewed as a service that is efficient for solving problems users face now.

They outlined the 3 main problems we solve:

  1. Data in Excel is usually difficult for tech users to work with.
  2. Moving data between Excel and databases is usually tedious and involves much preparation.
  3. Using VBA for implementing behavior in Excel is suboptimal, C# is better.

Check out the review on FinancesOnline, and by all means give us your own thoughts on QueryStorm as well. We’d love to get your feedback!

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