Plug and play dev tools for Excel

QueryStorm is a fully featured SQL and C# IDE in Excel. It turns Excel into a powerful developer tool for processing tabular data and building interactive workbook applications.

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Develop Excel Conference London – we’ll be there

On October 18th Antonio and I will be attending the Develop Excel Conference held at Microsoft Reactor in London. The conference focuses on two dimensions of Excel Development: the extensions Microsoft are making to the Excel platform and APIs, and the Addins and Solutions that developers can build on this extended base. We’re looking forward […]

QueryStorm reviewed by FinancesOnline – it goes well!

A couple of weeks ago Querystorm was reviewed by FinancesOnline, one of the largest platforms for evaluating and reviewing B2B products. We of course know QueryStorm is pretty awesome, but it’s always nice to hear those words uttered from someone else. And that’s basically what FinancesOnline said about QueryStorm’s features, in slightly more words. More […]

I wandered off and built an IDE

A few years ago, I set out to build a small Excel plugin to help out my girlfriend at the time. I ended up building a full-blown IDE over the course of four years and spent the winter in Poland in a startup accelerator. How did this happen? As with many great endeavors of man, […]

Querying other databases from SQLite

For such a tiny database engine, SQLite can really do a lot. It also offers many extensibility points, which QueryStorm makes good use of. QueryStorm extends its SQLite engine so that it can see Excel tables as if they were regular database tables. But did you know that the SQLite database can also access data […]

SQLite, C# and Excel

SQLite is a remarkable little database engine. Although it serves a different purpose, it can do much of what the big client-server databases can do. It’s fast, reliable, extremely well tested and feature rich. However, if you need a function that SQLite does not offer, defining one for yourself can be tricky. Not so in […]

Fast prototyping with C# and Excel

Excel doesn’t have much of a reputation as a developer tool. But imagine if instead of VBA you could use C#. Would this change things? I guess it depends. Admittedly, I’m a bit biased (since I wrote QueryStorm), but I find the combination of C# and a spreadsheet really useful. It lets me quickly build […]

Regex in Excel

Download the demo workbook to follow along. You should have QueryStorm installed, but a paid license is not necessary. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re the type of person who enjoys an occasional expression of the regular kind. If so, I’m sure you’ll find this article interesting, regardless of how much you use […]